Brighton City Council issued a letter of acknowledgment and apology to the residents of Brighton for the numerous shortcomings discovered during the recent forensic audit of the water and wastewater utility funds.

The audit discovered longstanding issues with the procurement, billing, project completion and budget processes that permitted the overcharging of water users for approximately ten years, a project completion rate of just 23%, and a surplus of funds totaling approximately $68.8 million.

The utility department issues were first brought to public attention in June 2019 by former city manager Philip Rodriguez, whose subsequent termination “without cause” prompted widespread suspicion of a cover-up at City Hall, and resulted in the recall of Mayor Ken Kretuzter in November.

Kudos to the new City Council for addressing the audit’s findings head-on and acknowledging failures in systems and processes going back to long before this council was seated. A significant step forward in restoring public trust and holding our city to high standards!

You can read the press release from Brighton City government, and the actual letter of apology here.