Councilman TIm Watts and AABT Host Jeremy Torgerson recording Episode 2!

Councilman Tim Watts sits down with us on our second episode of All Around B-Town! A marine vet and a restaurant management guru, Tim shares about his background, his passion for serving Brighton, and what’s on deck for our city in the coming months.

Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • What Tim wants to do for our seniors, veterans, and for youth sports.
  • What it’s been like to be a rookie on City Council.
  • What obstacles does he see for growth in our city?
  • How can we “marry” the old and new cultures of Brighton and unify as a city?
  • How he feels about the current state of the city government.
  • What it’s like working with the new mayor and council.

Plus, you’ll hear a lively conversation about:

  • How can council help hold developers to their commitments?
  • What’s coming up for the council in the next few months (and goats….really?)
  • The Ward 2 election, and would he favor eliminating run-off elections?
  • The search for the next City Manager.

And more!

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